Every choice has a consequence…

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They were coming…

Run. Hide. It’s all Collett longed to do; what she’d been doing for over two years. She knew they would find her, no matter where she tried to go next. There was no place she could ever be safe. She was tired of being alone—tired of being afraid and she needed answers. Why me? What have I done?

As Collett peered through the darkened woods into eerie, golden eyes, she tried to force herself to remember. There was a fleeting moment of recognition, then it was gone. The truth remained trapped deep in the recesses of her broken mind. As she watched her pursuer creep forward through fog and trees, she wondered, How can I defeat an enemy I can’t remember?

The warning bells in Cade’s mind told him to be cautious.  As a lycan, he’d lived for over two centuries, and his senses and experience told him this woman was in trouble. There was something different about her; something extraordinary, and someone wanted her dead. He could save her, protect her, but he wondered who would protect him from those iridescent-blue eyes? As she cowered in fear, her scent carried over to him in the night wind, and Cade somehow knew, after this, nothing would ever be the same.

In this suspension-packed series, full of surprising twists, and heart-pounding excitement, Collett and Cade learn that forgotten secrets are often the most dangerous.

Compliance is misery, defiance is death.

Such is the way in The Faction, and no one understands that suffering better than Jarrett. The infamous demon hunter has built his whole existence dealing punishment to those who oppose his master. This time though, he is the one who rebelled, and Jarrett knows there is no escaping the penalty of his betrayal. The Hunter is now the prey.

Collett can see him in her dreams, feel his presence while awake, and she knows Jarrett has all but given up. As her supernatural abilities overwhelm her, an empathetic bond to the warrior lycan strengthens. This growing connection is a knife to Cade’s heart. Each time Collett calls out for his estranged twin in her sleep he is torn between protecting the woman he loves and helping the brother who scorned him. Cade knows The Faction will stop at nothing to see them all dead.

Time is short, answers are scarce, and the demons hunting them are multiplying. In this second installment of The Powers of Influence, survival depends on strained bonds of brotherhood and memories still trapped within Collett’s mind. Will the price of knowing the truth be more than they are able to pay?

She was gone….
Stolen from them by an old enemy, Collett and her secrets had drifted into nothingness on a misty fog. She saved them all and left them with more questions than answers.

For nearly three centuries, twin lycanthrope brothers, Cade and Jarrett, had been on opposite sides of an ongoing war. Now, because of Collett, the brothers are united in purpose to eradicate The Faction once and for all. The fierce warriors decide to do what comes naturally. They go hunting.

With the police now involved, demons to kill, and reminders of Collett surrounding them, the brothers find that taking down the evil organization is their greatest challenge.

How could they know that their enemies are also uniting under a power even more ancient than themselves?

In the third book of Powers of Influence, Cade and Jarrett learn that trials often shape a man for a purpose and that their destiny is much more significant than either one of them had imagined.

Forgotten Enemy

The Price of Knowing

The Truth of Victory

About the Author

Camille Bateman Haight, was born and raised in Sandy Utah. She was born seventh in a family with eleven children. Growing up in a loving home she was taught strong principals. Among those lessons was first a love of God, second, a love for family, and third, a love for stories.

Her father  helped her mother learn to read after they were married. Together they taught their children the value of a good book and the hidden worlds between the pages.

Now as a mother of five girls, Camille passes those lessons to her own children. With a BA in communications, she found a way to turn her love of reading into love for writing and hopes the messages hidden in those pages can inspire others.

Having settled in Utah County with her family, Camille spends her extra time bringing new characters to life.

Camille believes, A good story can led us out of our darkest places. It should pull at you from within, challenge you to think, and bring forth a bond between you and the characters. The characters must be more than just names on a page. They should be your best friend or your most hated foe. A good story should will make you laugh out loud or have tears slipping down your cheeks. It should feel real and engage you on every level.



Brave and compassionate Collett fears for her life. She has no memory of her past and seeks the help of those around her while she learns about her new life with Supernatural friends.


Handsome and charming, Cade’s nature most of the time is optimistic and hopeful.  His faith is strong, his loyalty to friends stronger. For him trials are lessons, but his greatest trial is yet to come.


Brooding and angry Jarrett  carries a warriors reputation and a scowl on his face. Despite being Cade’s twin, they are opposites in almost ever way. Loyalty is a foreign thing to him, but in order to survive he will have to learn trust .

Cynda Williams

Fiery and bright, Cynda is a mother, friend, confidant, and witch. She is never afraid to say what she thinks. She holds her family close, and fiercely protects anyone she loves.

Rederrick Williams

Founder of The Brotherhood, lifelong friend to Cade, husband to Cynda, and father of three, Rederrick Williams believes, a man must be the change you want to see in the world.  Now  fifty six years old his resolve will be tested as never before.

James Williams

Youngest child of Rederrick and Cynda Williams, James is a genius with a photographic memory. He puts those brains to good use for a secret branch of the military under Brotherhood jurisdiction.


Born in France, Delphene made a home in the French Quarter much later. Bright and happy Delphene, refuses to bash her way through life, even if she is a werewolf. However, loyal to and strong of character, she will always come  running when friends call for aid.

Ashley Williams

Middle Child to Cynda and Rederrick Williams. Quiet and soft-hearted, Ashley aspires to be a Veterinarian. Diligently plugging away in Michigan to achieve her goal, she keeps her powers of empathy a secret, but uses them to channel her skills to help more than just animals!

Nate Adams

Orphaned at a young age, he learned to fight from Cade and several martial art masters. Light on his feet he also has a light attitude on life. If you can’t laugh in life than there’s no point in fighting for it.

Jeffery Garrison

Jaded and angry at the world, the sorcerer Jeffery has been one of The Faction’s lackeys for far too long. But when allies show him the cost of failure it changes how he sees the world, and changes his motives in life.

Detective Jonah Hall

A Texas Native recently transferred to Colorado. Hall believes in the lessons his mama taught, and dismisses, magic and fairy tales. He believes right and wrong are real, and those wronged deserve justice. He’s in for quite the ride!

Tracy Williams

Oldest child to Redrrick and Cynda, Tracy was schooled in responsibility at a very young age. As a witch with elemental magic at her fingertips, she had to learn how to keep her hot temper under control. She channeled her love for tradition into a a love for antiques and history and helps run one of the most prestigious auction house in New York.

Cody Thacher

Only nineteen years old, Cody’s life has not been easy.  After escaping an abusive home he made his way by using his power to manipulate gamblers. Now he must choose what kind of life he wants.

Jenny Boehling

After the loss of her husband Sam, Cade brought Jenny to the Williams to help her heal. She is a surrogate mother and grandmother to the family. Most of all she is a friend.


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